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Who Killed Jane?

October 19, 2020

JT Stowe hated his job. He stared at a computer screen and suffered through conference calls day after mind numbing day. His only escape: true crime podcasts. He consumed them with fervor, taking notes and doing his own research on the side.

One evening, his wife offered up an idea: Start your own podcast.

He did.

JT’s hometown of Longview, NJ had one murder in its history. The killing of a high school girl in 1971 that remained unsolved. Her lifeless body discovered in a ravine the morning after she went missing.

He based his podcast on that cold case. As he dove in and started asking questions, he soon learned that people in town still held secrets.

As the podcast grew, his work and home life suffered. What started as a passion project devolved into an obsession. Suspects emerged at every turn and they wanted nothing more than to shut him down.

They didn’t.

JT solved the mystery.

But with deadly consequences. 

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The Past Is Present

March 22, 2020

Ben could only run from his past for so long.

"This is a masterfully rendered thriller that pulls the reader in right away and never lets up. The characters are well described with complicated motives, and the break neck plot never veers into being contrived or unbelievable."

Ben Strickland's childhood mistake put his friends in the path of evil. It ultimately destroyed friendships. He tried to run from that mistake but the past caught up with him and now his family is in grave danger. Is redemption still possible? Can he survive the blackmailing and the threats? Who can he trust? Can he stay alive? Check out this thriller and strap in for one hell of a ride.

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