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A Photo a Day - Day 12

New Year's Eve started with an Escape Room type board game. My son and daughter teaming up to break codes, solve riddles and ultimately save us all from the evil woman who held us captive in the tiny cabin in the woods. Super fun. And it's official. They're smarter than us. My wife and I just sat back and embraced it.

We ate like champs.

We took time out to revisit 2020 month by month, basking in the good times and reliving the Covid chaos that had been the past nine months.

But we still had hours to kill until midnight. Ryan Seacrest and whatever that show they attempted to pull together wasn't going to cut it. So we agreed: let's watch a movie. Never an easy task with four different opinions. I suggested we try to find something similar to Knives Out, a movie we all enjoyed, a quirky whodunit with killer performances. So I googled, "If you liked Knives Out ..." and strongly suggested we watch Bad Times at the El Royale.

"If it's just like Knives Out, yes, let's do it," they said.

"It totally is," I said.

It totally wasn't.

Who knew it would be so violent? Who knew it would drag on for forty-five minutes too long? Who knew Jon Hamm's character would be blown away so early in the movie by Don Johnson and Melanie Griffin's daughter? Who knew shirtless Liam Hemsworth's character would ramble on endlessly in between shooting people who lost in a twisted game of roulette.

Did I enjoy it? Yes.

Did anyone else enjoy it? No.

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