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A Photo a Day - Day 13

Almost every ornament on our Christmas tree tells a story. Some we're handed down from our parents, others represent major life milestones like, "Our first Christmas together" and many we've purchased to commemorate a special vacation.

But the ones that stimulate the most conversation and often the most laughs are the ones that upon viewing, tell no story at all. This one is hands down, our favorite.

A friend, who shall remain nameless, gave this to us soon after we were married.

It's a kiwi.

It's significance: no clue.

And that's why it's awesome. There was no backstory provided when it was gifted to us and no explanation for why it was chosen. Just, "Here you go, I got you a kiwi ornament. Hope you like it."

"Oh [name redacted], you have know idea how much we love it."

It's one of the first to be hung when ornament hanging kicks off. We recount the story every year and laugh just as hard every year.

The kids are never getting this one. It's coming to the nursing home with us.

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