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A Photo a Day - Day 14

It started out as a bedroom for my wife's grandmother. Plenty of privacy with a bathroom only feet away.

It transformed to a playroom; a four-year old boy's playroom tricked out in all things animals and dinosaurs.

When his sister came around, the room evolved to a 50/50 split; half Dora the Explorer and half NBA.

That split grew in her favor year over year before my son pulled out entirely.

After gaining full control, my daughter turned it into a craft room, doll hangout, and a place to display a massive amount of collectibles. It was colorful, creative and a joy to hang out in.

Now it's a museum. A shell of what it looked like in its prime.

Today, a printer resides in one corner and it's the only reason any of us venture in there any longer.

But a transformation is coming. A combo hangout/office is in the works. We'll need a bevy of bins to clear the room and I'm sure we'll shed some tears and relive the birthday party we held for one of the stuffed animals.

But we'll move on.

That's what you do.

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