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A Photo a Day - Day 15

Note: 2/15 or roughly 13 percent of my posts have now referenced mice. Not good.

Here's the exact transcript of a conversation my wife and I had yesterday morning:

Wife: "Did you notice the gap under the garage door?"

Me: "I did."

Wife: Pause. Expecting more of a response from me. Pause. "Can't mice fit underneath there?"

Me: "They probably can. Did you know mice don't have collar bones and that's why they can squeeze through such tight spaces."

Wife: Pause. "Shouldn't we do something about it?"

Me: "Yes. I already added those mice resistant metal pieces to the garage door moldings but need to fix that too." Smiles a proud smile.

Wife: "Okay."

The gap wasn't addressed yesterday.

And at approximately 12:37 A.M this morning, the hellish sound returned.

Pfft, pfft, pfft. Scratch, scratch, scratch.

I turned up the volume on the TV, praying she wouldn't hear it.

It worked.

For another seven hours.

Wife: "I heard the mouse last night."

The phrase the mouse hurt. Not a mouse, but the mouse, implying the break-in was inevitable.

I couldn't get to fixing the mouse entrance today either. Work got in the way. But I do have an interim solution, one discovered by my wife who BTW, is an absolute fountain of cool and of-the-day knowledge. We'd all spontaneously combust without her.

No, it's not cheese, but I so want to take a bite out of it.

It's Fels-Naptha soap and beyond its incredible cleaning powers and ridiculously cheap cost, it also allegedly repels mice.

So I chopped off some healthy chunks on the cutting board and generously spread them along the garage floor.

Should buy me another week.

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