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A Photo a Day - Day 19

My son and I are avid sports card collectors and I've taken to flipping cards for profit on eBay. Since July of 2020, I've made a profit close to $4,000. Yes, the card market will come crashing to earth at some point but until then, I'm riding the wave.

Three packs of basketball cards I bought off of eBay just arrived. I kept two and gave one pack to my son.

I got nothing worth selling in the two I opened.

My son got this.

According to eBay, it sells north of $200. It's a rare insert with few produced of a future superstar.

I told him to sell it and put the profit towards college spending money. What happens if he gets hurt or crashes and burns this year? Or what if the market correction does come to fruition? He'll regret not selling.

He thinks it will skyrocket in value.

We'll see who is right.

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