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A Photo a Day - Day 23

I have ten slate stepping stones I grabbed from my great aunt's property before her house was knocked down by the new buyers. My mother and her siblings skipped across those stones as kids. At least I like to believe that.

I have a still-thriving Astilbe plant I transplanted from my childhood home to our front bed. It looks a bit out of place and that totally works for me.

I have three unique large stones sitting in my own garden, a gift from my grandfather's immaculate property. I like to think I still absorb some of his gardening skills through those rocks.

And we have a fully blooming Christmas cactus that resides in our bathroom, loving the sun from the skylight and the humidity from my wife's impossibly hot showers.

This plant came from a cutting from my wife's grandmother's plant who got her cutting from her father's (my wife's great grandfather) plant. It's spanned multi generations and shows no signs of slowing down. Hopefully one of our kids (I'm leaning my daughter) will take a cutting one day and carry the torch forward.

Did you know the Christmas cactus is native to Brazil? And unlike other cacti, prefers a humid climate and requires regular watering?

You're welcome.

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