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  • John Markowski

A Photo a Day - Day 25

Missing the sun.

Missing the sweat.

Missing the competition.

Missing coaching.

Missing the comradery.

But missing this more than anything.

Still haven't fully mourned the end of travel softball.

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Jan 16, 2021

My grandson is a sophomore in high school and plays baseball. My son, his uncle and one of his coaches, has already told me I won't be able to attend all the games. Same with travel. I feel your pain.


Jan 16, 2021

As a parent of two former club ball players...I can't imagine going thru this type of loss. Club/travel ball holds so many memorable moments for us. I look forward to and hope when my grand daughter is of age and participating, this will all be under control. My eart goes out to you and your daughter.

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