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A Photo a Day - Day 29

Coho - a deep-bodied North Pacific salmon with small black spots.

Cosh - a thick heavy stick or bar used as a weapon; a bludgeon.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I had no clue as to the definition of those two words before I started this post.

But I did know they were words. See below:

No, the photography isn't grainy. You're just staring at a permanently discolored/worn old-school Kindle. I think it dates back to the Clinton era, I'm not sure. It only operates if plugged in and shuts itself down when unplugged for no longer than ten seconds.

But I love the hell out of it. Specifically, the game Every Word. I play it every day without fail. I locate every word (hence the name) in each level up until Level 8 or 9 (ten levels in total) and I finish the game having identified every possible word about 50 percent of the time.

It shouldn't be fun anymore. A normal being would've shoved it in the closet and moved on to Candy Crush or Words with Friends (they're current games, right?). But not this guy. I still shoot for the high score even though it's more than likely no longer attainable. Note: the game reset itself a few weeks ago and the original high score disappeared. It was in the 57,500 to 57, 599 range. You'll have to trust me.

Why do I continue to tap away at this outdated word find? It's habit and it's a necessary distraction. And I'm determined to keep my brain active so I can fight off the dementia. Plus there's a pleasant physical response in my parietal lobe when I play that I can't properly describe but it's palpable. And I like that it's not on a phone or typical device. Just a barely operational Kindle.

But there are also odd side effects of playing so often. When I pick up the shampoo bottle in the shower, my mind spins as I start to break down all the words in Pantene.





You get it. It happens all day and it's distracting.

I shit you not, I see words like dhow, cecal, and tapir floating in my dreams. And no, I don't know what any of those words mean.

And strangest of all, there are times when I'm still searching for words and an actual image of the word pops into my head before the word itself does.

That's either really cool, or really disturbing.

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