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A Photo a Day - Day 30

A little self-promotion today:

One hundred reviews is fantastic.

4.5 stars is great.

But here's the truth. I trust about 10% of the positive reviews. People are too kind and compassionate to ever say anything negative. And I can see numerous circumstances where reviewers simply reiterated what the previous reviewer included in their write-up. Laziness. Unless a reviewer specifically details what they liked, I tune out. It's not lack of appreciation; it's 75% truth and 25% self-doubt.

The best reviews are the critical ones. I may have threatened to quit after reading each one and may have cursed out the reviewers, but after I've had an opportunity to sit on it, I realize they're dead on. And I can take that nugget with me to my next writing session.

That's how I improve.

Is it now weird to say thank you to all of you who left a review?

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