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A Photo a Day - Day 34

"Hey John, do we have any grass stems we can bring indoors?"

Grabs chest to prevent joy from beating through organs. "Can you repeat that?" Heard it the first time.

"Do we have any grass stems we can bring indoors?"

Fights off smirk. Fails at fighting off smirk. "Um, yeah. Is this a thing now?"

"It is a thing, yes. All the stores are selling dried grasses. They're perfect in a vase."

Says "cha ching" to self. "Do I have grasses? Um yeah."

If you all need any, let me know.

Won't cost you too much.

And yes, they do look divine in a vase.

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Feb 13, 2021

I originally came for the gardening --and then stayed for the prose. Totally loving the photos and the random thoughts, thanks for both!


Feb 13, 2021

The grasses are...AMAZING!

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