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A photo a day - Day 5

I didn't like the boring moniker so it's gone. Boring was never the intention. This exercise is more about capturing those smaller moments. Moments easily forgotten with the passage of time.

For now I'll call it "A photo a day", but that is subject to change moving forward.

My son was supposed to kick off his collegiate career on campus at Pitt this January, but that won't be happening. He'll be taking fifteen credits from the comforts of his own bedroom instead.

Pro: he's safer

Con: he's missing the benefits of an in-person education

Pro: we can watch the remainder of the NFL season/playoffs together

Con: Pittsburgh is a great city with a ton to offer

Pro: $$$ saved

Con: no Pitt basketball games in person

Pro: we get to watch our beloved Mets together for another spring/summer

Con: more time stuck inside his bedroom

Pro: not stuck inside a dorm room all winter

Here's to 2020! Stay safe and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays.

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1 Comment

Dec 26, 2020

Another season of the Mets together! Yup. Yup. Very cool.

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