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A Photo a Day - Day 7

I'm a beer snob.


Actually ... sorry, not sorry (Is that how you properly use that phrase? And did it really originate with Demi Lovato? Feel free to answer in the comments below.)

Before you go and get all judgmental on my ass, know this. Yes, I love me some IPA's and Double IPA's. And yes, I'm aware of the douchiness that is associated with hipster bro's and their craft beers in cans. I get it. But here's my justification: I have almost zero sense of smell. That dramatically affects one's taste buds. Because of that, I don't know nuance. I need big and bold flavors that shine through my olfactory issues. I put hot sauce on my turkey sandwiches and Sriracha on my broccoli.

Same goes with my brews. Bitter hops enliven my taste buds. I can actually pick up on the over the top floral scents with every sip of an IPA. They make me feel alive.

One particular Double IPA shines above all other beers in the beer universe. And frankly, it isn't even close.

Heady Topper from Alchemist Beer in Vermont. Read this page in Beer Advocate and you'll see I'm not alone.

I was gifted a four-pack for Christmas and I'm now down to two. I've yet to find a means to buy these other than heading north to the brewery. Knowing that, I'm terrified to think of these no longer residing in my refrigerator.

I'll be saving an empty can and will keep it on top of my dresser next to family pics to remind me of happier days.

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