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Boring photo - Day 2

November, 2004.

Move in day into our new home.

Purchased mid-framing, we were to be the inaugural owners.

A clean slate. All new appliances. The pains of maintaining an older home a distant memory. No longer a need to have contractors on speed dial.

And best of all, flawless hardwood floors. Gorgeous, I'm-now-mature-enough-to-have, hardwood floors. They shone as we carted in couches, lamps, and bins.

For all of maybe fifteen minutes.

Remember those big, bulky televisions, pre-plasma and flat screen? The ones that were impossible to transport and guaranteed a hernias or thrown-out back.

It fell.

And ruined perfection.

We eventually got over it. Kind of.

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23 dic 2020

Hurts at the time however

Mi piace
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