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Photo a Day - Day 8

Guess how this happened?

If you chose "Attempted to set a mouse trap in the attic, tripped on a floorboard and stepped through insulation, almost breaking through the sheetrock and into our bedroom ceiling", you'd be bang on.

I know exactly what you're thinking. Clark Griswold in the attic in Christmas Vacation, right?

Yes, that was me, except I was dexterous enough to alleviate the pressure from my falling foot into ceiling by lowering my shoulder and taking the brunt of the fall on my side. At least that's what I think I did.

Your question should be: "When did that happen?"

My answer would be: "I don't know, like eight months ago."

And your next question: "When will you be fixing it, John?

My answer: "Whenever the yet-to-be-hired-painter is available to repaint our bedroom. Until then, we will utilize the power of prayer and hope no critters fall through the aforementioned hole and into our mouths while we are sleeping."

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