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  • John Markowski

Social Distancing

I recalled every NFL champion dating back to my birth year in 1972. It took me seven minutes. I timed it.

I worked on my mid-range jump shot in the driveway. And purposely showed off in front of the Amazon Prime driver as he passed the house.

I grated cheese for tacos rather than using the waxy, already-shredded bag.

I watched all seven episodes of The Tiger King on Netflix and never once considered it a waste of time.

I picked weeds by hand, happily snotted on my sleeve and accepted the impending poison ivy with open arms.

I dove into multiple political Facebook threads and reveled in people's ability to have an open mind and to grasp nuance. J/K.

I smiled a lot.

I refused to speculate.

I paced the house in frustration.

I speculated.

I finished the leftover re-fried beans and chased it with an orange.

I taught myself how to do a bear crawl with a dumbbell after twenty minutes of practice.

I dreamed up the most bizarre character for my in-progress book, wrote a 1,809 word chapter about him and will most likely delete it in the near future.

I felt sad that my son may not experience a "normal" high school graduation. I got over it.

What have you done?

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